Our Interior Design Process

At Fratantoni Interior Designers, we have experienced teams of top designers with perfected systems that allow us to take on multiple projects all over the world. Take a look at the many homes we designed from Scottsdale, Arizona all the way to The Grand Cayman Islands! We also monitor every detail when designing your home to ensure your needs are fulfilled regardless of what city you live in.

To learn more about our process, don’t hesitate to reach out. Fratantoni Interior Designers are here to help!

Traveling to Your Home

Whether your project is a remodel or a new build, we will travel to your home (regardless of the city) for our first meeting to review all your ideas!

Our home base is in Scottsdale Arizona but that doesn’t stop us from designing homes all over the country. We’ve interior designed luxury homes in Phoenix, all over the state of Arizona, and nationwide. Our interior home designs are in high demand because families like the style of homes we design, and their local designers don’t have the experience and or knowledge necessary to design homes like ours.

Designing Your Home

After our initial meeting at your home, we will begin selecting materials for your family to approve to make sure we are going in the right direction. Once we get the green light we will begin to draw your home on CAD to show you what each room will look like with all the approved selections.

During this phase, we will have regularly scheduled meetings to go over drawings and materials through Skype or phone conferences. When we are done with all drawings and selections then a binder will be given to your builder to use as a guideline of what will be going into your home. Look at this binder as an instruction book to build your home! Without our binder, the blueprints for your home will only get your builder so far!

How We Work With Your Builder

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, the process with us and our support to the builder are the same. As your home is being built, should your builder have questions, we are here for them. Also, we will be traveling to your home regularly to meet the builder to review the home’s progress.

Materials in Homes We Designed

Families that hire us see photos of a home we designed and want their home to look the same. As part of our service to you we supply many of the materials in the homes we designed. Our trades travel with us no matter what city we go to. For example, if you like a kitchen in one of the homes in our gallery we will supply all the cabinets and counters just like that home. What this does is assures you, you will end up with the exact look you want. If you like the flooring in one of our homes that is also no problem because we supply all our clients with all flooring. This particular service brings great peace of mind to our clients!

Furniture, Accessories, and Lighting

Fratantoni Interior Designers also have their own online Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories store for you to shop for all your needs when furnishing your home! If you don’t see the name brand you are looking for on our site, no problem, we carry all lines of furniture and can get you wholesale pricing because of our standing with the manufacturers.

Moving into Your Home

Seeing families happily living in their dream home provides us with a great deal of satisfaction, and it is our goal to give you the same excitement we get from designing your dream home! Our team is the best interior designers in Arizona. Get in touch with our team today!