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First and foremost, world-renowned Interior Designer Josie Fratantoni is the founder of Fratantoni Interior Designers, established in 1987. Before starting her own firm, Josie’s creativity started in the Luxury Home business alongside her parents, Vincent and Theresa Montana. Today, her firm of designers, with a legacy of incredible designs, is the most respected and sought-after in the industry.

Additionally, designing for clients internationally drives Josie’s creativity and keeps her designs cutting-edge! Along with designs locally, Josie’s firm has the expertise and legacy to bring new and unique ideas from a national to international level. As well as a dramatic design you won’t find anywhere else. Without a doubt, Fratantoni Interior Designers offer an extensive portfolio ranging from simply elegant to intricately detailed. They can bring your dream to reality!

Furthermore, Josie’s diverse background includes experience with floor plan layout for functionality. As well as integration of materials, furniture layout, and wall coverings. Josie also provides input and feedback during the architectural design phase. Thus guaranteeing both construction and style are always in sync. Clients have countless options to choose from with an incredible showroom of products to offer guidance and suggestions!


Jessica Fratantoni- Fratantoni Interior Designers
Secondly, Jessica Fratantoni plays a vital role in Fratantoni Interior Designers. First, graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Thus, allowing her to manage sales successfully for more than 625 diverse manufacturers. As well as get products from the warehouses to the consumer’s home using drop shipping. Jessica is continually looking out for new trends, products, and developments to keep their ideas fresh and bring clients the world-class service they deserve. With an eye for design, Jessica uses her interior design expertise and creative visualization to set herself apart in the industry with remarkable designs.

Jessica accompanies her brothers as one of the key players for The Fratantoni Group, a prominent real estate firm. The Fratantoni Group assists clients with all ranges of real estate needs, from home and land purchasing, selling, investment analysis, and much more. Jessica’s team is diverse in its ability to assist all clients with all price points.

Community Involvement

At Fratantoni Interior Designers, we believe a company is only as strong as the community it’s located within. Our founder, Josie Fratantoni, proudly dedicates her time and efforts to helping these worthwhile organizations and has instilled in her children the drive and the dedication to become more involved in their local community.

Josie Fratantoni proudly serves as a Board Member for the MD Anderson Cancer Center. In addition, in 2011, Josie Fratantoni was the Chairperson for the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute.

Fratantoni Interior Designers Proudly Supports the Following Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations

Community Outreach

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Community Outreach

American Heart Association

Community Outreach

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

Community Outreach

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

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