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Josie Fratantoni

World-renowned Interior Designer, Josie Fratantoni is the founder of Fratantoni Interior Designers which was established in 1987. Her firm is fully staffed with many teams of highly experienced Designers which are the most respected and sought-after in their industry.

Josie and her team have traveled all over the world designing for clients at a national and international level. This allows them to bring new and unique ideas to the table that will give your home a luxurious and dramatic design you won’t find anywhere else. Fratantoni Interior Designers offer an extensive portfolio with a broad range from simply elegant to intricately detailed.

Josie is also the owner of an award-winning luxury home building firm Fratantoni Luxury Estates and Co-Founder of architecture firm Fratantoni Design. Her exceptional expertise in construction and architecture covers all aspects of your initial home planning, construction, and interior design.

Fratantoni Interior Designers offer an extensive portfolio with a broad range of styles from simply elegant to intricately detailed.

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