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Fratantoni Interior Designers is one of the most respected and sought-after interior design firms in Scottsdale, Arizona, and nationwide. As a custom luxury interior design firm, Fratantoni Interior Designers provide cutting-edge high end home interior design ideas you will not find anywhere else. From simply elegant to intricately detailed, our interior design company has the expertise to bring you any style of home, anywhere in the world. In particular, our experience and seamless process allow our interior design studio’s custom luxury home designers to take on multiple home projects in Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, New York, Hawaii, and throughout the country. Our in-house team of highly qualified interior designers can bring your dream to reality! Contact us for luxury interior design services.

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Josie Fratantoni

World-renowned Interior Designer Josie Fratantoni is the founder of Fratantoni Interior Designers, established in 1987. Before starting her own firm, Josie’s creativity started in the Luxury Home business alongside her parents, Vincent and Theresa Montana. Today, her firm of designers, with a legacy of incredible designs, is the most respected and sought-after in the industry.

Additionally, designing for clients internationally drives Josie’s creativity and keeps her designs cutting edge! Along with designs locally, Josie’s firm has the expertise and legacy to bring new and unique ideas from a national to international level. As well as a dramatic design you won’t find anywhere else. Without a doubt, Fratantoni Interior Designers offer an extensive portfolio ranging from simply elegant to intricately detailed. They can bring your dream to reality!

Furthermore, Josie’s diverse background includes experience with floor plan layout for functionality. As well as integration of materials, furniture layout, and wall coverings. Josie also provides input and feedback during the architectural design phase. Thus guaranteeing both construction and style are always in sync. Clients have countless options to choose from with an incredible showroom of products to offer guidance and suggestions!

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Luxury Lighting

Luxury Lighting:  Picture this, you walk into a room, what is one of the first things you do? You scan the room from left to right and look up at the ceiling. However, normally one of the only ways to do this is if the room is lit up. Now this may seem silly, but…

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Marble Vanity Trend

Guide to Sinks

Functionality, Accessibility, and Beauty:  Now, you may think it is silly, however, here at Fratantoni Interior Designers we make sure that our clients understand the importance of choosing the perfect sink! Why may you ask? From bathroom sinks to kitchen sinks, this is an appliance that is frequently used throughout the day! Our luxury interior…

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The Royal Chateau Remodel 10

Accessories to Suit Your Home

Accessories to Suit Your Home:  Accessories can often be seen as silly knick knacks but, they add a special touch to your home both aesthetically and for functionality. At Fratantoni Interior Designers, our luxury home interior designers believe that accessories add a flare that you cannot get with just furniture. For example, some of our…

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