5 Popular Bathroom Trends in 2019

Interior design trends are ever-changing cycles of colors and styles, patterns and shapes, and creative utility. Fratantoni Interior Designers make it a priority to work alongside your own personal style when helping you design your home. 

When it comes to interior design, there are some current changes to styling bathrooms and what is popular right now. Here are some of the top bathroom trends of 2019.

  1. Vintage Revival

A vintage revival is one of the most popular bathroom trends right now. Not only does the shiny gold and brass give a pop of color in a clean, sleek bathroom, but it gives a luxurious feel to the space. This vintage experience can compliment any style setting of a bathroom, and can be used as accents on shower-heads, faucets, light fixtures, and mirrors.

2. Lavish Bathtubs

People are raving over these lavish bathtubs. The combination of a shower and tub 2-in-1 deal is no longer desired in 2019. By separating them, you’ll allow your bathroom to have these stunning displays of where to relax after a long day.

3. Spacious Showers

Spacious and open showers are considered a necessity if you want to make your bathroom look as large as possible. These showers are a way to showcase the grandeur of interior decorating and are sure to impress the people who get a chance to see them.

4. Extravagant Mirror Designs

Ornate and unique designs on mirror frames are another one of the biggest bathroom trends of 2019. These items are the perfect way to strengthen the décor in your bathroom, and give it a modern, prestigious feel.

5. Vessel Sinks

One of the reasons that vessel sinks have become popular is the increased counter room due to the elevated shape of the basin. In addition to the functionality of them, vessel sinks are a way to add a “wow factor” when guests use your facilities.


Fratantoni Interior Designers offer an extensive portfolio with a broad range of styles from simply elegant to intricately detailed. If you liked any of these designs, contact us on any one of our platforms and we will design one incredible bathroom for you. 



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