Polished Granite Countertop

If you are looking for a classy, sophisticated appearance, polished granite is your best choice. It reveals all of the granite’s natural beauty and results in unparalleled grandeur and elegance.

Polished Granite

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Polished granite…

has a glossy, mirror-like shine that reflects light well and manifests the unique character of your stone. The surface appears smooth and flawless and the colors seem richer and darker. The polished surface finish is considered the finest finish available. It greatly enhances the richness and elegance of the interior décor and has rightfully become a symbol of opulence and splendor. In fact, the polished finish highlights the depth of the stone and makes the colors look crisp and vibrant. You can choose from a great variety of hues, including shades of gold, black, white, and gray.

Grinding heads with progressively finer abrasives are used until the countertop is highly polished. Granite holds this polish for years if you stick to a regular maintenance plan. Even if your countertops become dull, they can be buffed and polished again to a shine. Consider an enhancing sealer, which will bring out the nuances of your natural stone countertop.

Polished granite often becomes the center of attention. If you wanted to highlight another feature in your kitchen or bathroom, polished may not be the way to go. If you already have reflective surfaces in your space, you may want to mix and match finishes so the high-gloss doesn’t become overwhelming. Use polished granite on the kitchen island but not the perimeter countertops to achieve this effect.

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