Powder Room

We love coming up with new and unique designs for our clients as do most designers. For this post, we would like to talk about the unique features of this elegant Powder Room!

This family was a little torn when it came to their style. The husband was all about the more traditional look while his wife leans more towards modern. We took a bit from each to create this luxe space for their guests.

Powder Bath

The marble mosaic chosen for the backsplash is one of our favorites. We chose to bring it all the way to the top of the alcove for dramatic elegance! We set the mirror back into the wall to add interest and to keep the space unique.


Wall mounted faucets are a trend we are still in love with! They keep the counter space clean and luxurious by not having the plumbing out in the open. By using the wall mounted faucet all of the focus goes to the uniquely snapped vessel sink. With a gold tint to the glass, this sink is not only cohesive to the color palette but it also stands out on its own as a piece of art in this powder room.



Now for the most unique feature of this powder room; the backlit countertop! Are you in love with this as much as we are? This lighting technique really helps bring out the gold tones throughout the space while keeping a modern yet timeless look!

For the decor we used Fratantoni Lifestyles. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use in a project ourselves!

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