Cayman Islands Ground Breaking

We have finally broke ground on this Cayman Island Luxury Home!

The Cayman Islands Life

We are so excited to announce that we have finally broke ground on our Cayman Islands Project!!

Cayman Islands Luxury Homes

A little bit about life on the Cayman Islands……

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands of the British Crown Colony. It lies in the Caribbean Sea and its warm tropical ambiance draws tourists to its shores. In recent years, Grand Cayman has made its mark not only as a top tourist destination, but as an important financial center. Its capital city of George Town is home base for more than 500 banks, and a leader in offshore banking. With the proliferation of condominium development in Grand Cayman, a lot of retirees are now enjoying their retirement days in the island.

Cayman Islands Luxury Home Ground Breaking

Life in the island is focused on the sea. The powdery sand of the famous Seven Mile Beach beckons tourists. There is no denying that the beaches in Cayman Islands are considered to be world class. The abundant marine life makes the waters of Cayman Islands perfect for new and seasoned snorkelers and scuba divers.

unspecified-2 George Town harbor is peppered with quaint gingerbread-style buildings that are the essence of the island’s traditional architecture. Though only about 22 miles long and 8 miles across at its broadest point, the island is highly evolved. There are nightclubs that feature international personalities, Michelin restaurants and luxurious accommodations for guests across the globe.


The downtown area offers the best restaurants, bars and shopping. All establishments are air-conditioned for customers’ comfort. Walking and biking are the major mode in traversing the length of West Bay Road and whole of George Town itself. For those who would like to tour the island by car, a well-maintained road circles the island.


Some of the Caribbean’s, if not the world’s, best diving sites are in the Cayman Islands. Inexperienced adventurers will enjoy snorkeling and swimming with some stingray. Seasoned and even beginner divers can choose to explore the dramatic drop-offs in the waters of the triumvirate of islands. There are excellent wreck dives a few strokes from the shore. Vibrant coral reefs that were lost due to the effects of global warming have bounced back to a very healthy level.


The Cayman Islands is not all about water and underwater adventures. The rich history and hodgepodge of cultures make the Cayman Islands and its people quite interesting study. There are museums, botanical parks and national trusts that showcase the rich and colorful past of the islands. The long stretches of powdery sand beaches are perfect for lounging and relaxing. The virtually untouched forests and preserved caves are perfect hiking destinations to commune with nature.

We can’t wait to share with you the progress of this project! Stay tuned for more!!

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