Josie Fratantoni


Unrelenting Passion in My Work

Always looking for fresh ideas and cutting edge designs is what I feel is the foundation to my success with clients! Also listening to my clients needs intensely then applying all my years experience has always been a cornerstone to my work ethics.

When I begin a project it is very important for me to make sure a family explains their lifestyle and also their life’s experiences in great detail. This is to make sure a family truly gets a home design they see themselves liking and living in comfortably!

A family’s home is a place where they will share memories and spend holidays with family and friends and I want to make absolutely sure it matches their dreams. Being at the top of my game is what my clients expect and I won’t let them down!!

Traveling is also very important to see how other cultures have influences on design and lifestyles. I am amazed at how much I learn when traveling and experiencing other concepts I can add to my already massive collection!

My clients have the utmost confidence and trust in me to design a home from beginning to end and that drives me to do my best!

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