Designing a Kitchen; An Easy Step-By-Step Guide


1). Select all appliances for the Kitchen. (fridges, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, dishwashers, warming drawers) etc.

2).Hire a Cabinet Company. Normally a cabinet company you hire will then draw the cabinets to fit within the space including the appliances. Revise drawings until you like the overall concept.

3). Select a color for the cabinetry. Have the cabinet supplier give you a sample cabinet door with the color you selected.

4). Take that cabinet door to select countertops, flooring, & backsplashes.

5). Select Hardware. We usually go through Hardware Resources for hardware selections –  order 1 of a few different handles/knobs that you like. Once you receive them, put them up against the cabinets to see which one you like best before ordering all of them.

6). Completed!`


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