Dining Room Trends

17438966_281382282286039_2784041859041722368_nAdd Interesting Lighting

A chic dining room is no longer defined by an opulent crystal chandelier; instead make a statement with a one-of-a-kind piece. Fixtures can be fashioned from virtually anything — this chandelier is actually a collection of spoons and forks. Unique lighting allows you to put your thinking-outside-the-box skills to work and serve as a conversation-starting focal point. Guests will appreciate your use of the unexpected to light their meal.

Go Rustic

When you think rustic, do you think, “roughing it?” Think that no more — a rough-hewn wood table adds a relaxed vibe to an otherwise formal dining room, creating an inviting and warm space that encourages gatherings

Stuffy No More

Gone are the days of the requisite dining room set consisting of a perfectly matched table and chairs. Instead, mix furniture styles, fabrics and finishes for a look that is less contrived and more welcoming. Blending seating gives the room a comfortable, lived-in look and relaxed sense of style.

Replace Chairs With Benches

Benches haven’t traditionally been associated with formal dining rooms but communal seating is making a big splash in the design world. A space-saving option, benches are a convenient alternative to individual chairs, making the dining experience more intimate without compromising seating capacity.

Add a Glam Touch

Think mirrors are only for walls? Not these days. Mirrored furniture adds drama to any dining room. Although primarily found on the table, mirrored buffets or sideboards are also hot. Antiqued mirror works especially well because the worn, mottled finish disguises the inevitable stains and wear.

Accessories Go Big

Super-size me! The recent trend for larger-than-life mirrors, frames and artwork adds a playful punch to any dining room. Whether hung, painted as a mural or leaning against a wall, oversize decor makes a bold and stylish statement.

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