Glass Countertop

With its translucent beauty, a glass countertop leaves a distinct impression when it is used in any area, including the countertop

Much to many people’s surprise, a glass countertop can come in a variety of textures and colors. Many surfaces are embedded with materials that allow for a mix of browns, blues, greens and other colors that suit your kitchen color palette.
Equally as durable (they are heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant) and as easy to maintain as stone countertops, glass countertops cost about the same per square foot as granite, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).
Whether the glass is translucent or colored, smooth, or embedded with texture, glass countertophomeowners can combine glass with other elements in the kitchen to make a big statement—think lighting installed beneath the counter for a backlit feel, or glass infused with bright color (aqua, turquoise and other shades of blue are popular shades) for an added artistic touch.
Like other surfaces, glass kitchen countertops can be custom-designed to your specifications—without seams, with a contemporary finish, or used as an accent, such as as a raised breakfast bar on an island. The benefit of glass is that the look is light-and-bright, airy and contemporary—a very different look from cold, hard stone surfaces.
Other countertops are made from recycled glass. Recycled glass is not only an eco-friendly option, but it can be made to emulate granite countertops, using a mix of colored glass pieces. Recycled countertops are available in tiles, concrete and resin, depending on the material that will best suit your kitchen area. Glass tiles are glass countertopa good option if you are seeking a do-it-yourself option that will add a bit of flair to your current countertop.
Keep in mind that no matter the glass you choose, it can be pricey. If budget is a concern, then consider using a glass in conjunction with another surface. This will make the countertop an accent rather than a material that is used throughout the kitchen.


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