Trending This Season According to Elle

Elle Decor teamed up with Pinterest Analytics to show us the top decor trends for Spring/Summer 2017! Think modern acrylic accents, glimmering copper and the Danish way of staying cozy even as the temperature outside warms up.



This trend seems to have made a comeback every spring for last few years…and we’re not complaining! Copper is that great metal that isn’t quite as dramatic as gold and silver. Its almost like the laid back sister of metals. To successfully decorate with copper, however, is a tricky feat. You don’t want to have major pieces unless you can incorporate them year round. Try to stick to subtle accents of copper such as accenting the base of table legs, or pieces of miscellaneous decor scattered throughout the space.


Oh marble, please don’t ever leave us! It started with accent pieces, worked its way to furniture and fashion and now it’s on our walls!!


This modern statement will be trendy for some time. The sleekness and over all form of the pieces that feature this


These versatile tiles are being used for everything! Interest in wood tile has increased by 51 percent on Pinterest, and we’re seeing it on everything from kitchen islands to fireplaces. Its going to be hard to escape this trend, especially sense Rustic Chic is still very big!!


This Swedish trend has kept our attention for quite some time now and its clearly here to stay. To follow the “decorate cozy, live simply” mantra yourself, outfit your home with flickering candles, cover your couches with throw blankets galore and display a few of your favorite books on the coffee table.


A plant on this list shouldn’t be surprising, considering Pantone’s Color of the Year is Greenery. Lush, flourishing vines are appearing in the form of climbing plants, which are (conveniently) nearly impossible to kill. With an increased interest of 200 percent on Pinterest, these plants are the rejuvenation your home may need after the stuffy, cold winter months.


Just about everyone loves Scandinavian design, but this spring, designers are turning away from the go-to matte black and crisp white color scheme, and more toward navy and deep blue tones. Lend your space a moody element with a velvet sectional or a high-gloss statement wall.

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