7 Tile Designs for 2017

The new year brings in new trends, styles and colors to look out for! We are so excited to share with you our top 7 tile designs for 2017 from The Tile Bar’s new lines!!

1) Estia Perla Muretto Porcelain Tile

7 tile designs for 2017

Estia takes inspiration from industrial urban cities, emulating the intricacies and characteristics of concrete and presents them in a durable, easy to maintain porcelain format. This unique cement-look series is suitable for commercial or residential applications and is the ideal choice for bringing the gritty, rugged visual aesthetic of urban architecture indoors.

2) Boreal White Porcelain Wall Tile

7 tile designs for 2017

Inspired by the natural phenomena known as the Northern Lights, Boreal is truly a spectacle to behold. Made from glazed porcelain, this unique collection was conceived with one specific purpose in mind: to be the showstopping centerpiece of your space. Waves of white and black ripple throughout each piece creating an abstract visual statement that is as awe-inspiring as witnessing the spectacular aurora borealis yourself.

3) Zeolite

7 tile designs for 2017

Make way for minerals. Unearth the true beauty of your space with our groundbreaking new Zeolite Collection. Evoking the natural beauty of volcanically formed Agate stone, vivid bands of color bend and swirl throughout each piece visually combining the unique geological qualities of each element: stone, air & water together to define this innovative new series.

4) Linden Wood Polishes Porcelain Tile

7 tile designs for 2017

Move over, hardwood! Evoking the rich, rural look of lake houses and country lodges, the Linden Collection brings all the tranquility and warmth of natural wood into your home in a durable, high-utility porcelain format.

5) Instinct Karioca Ceramic Tile

7 tile designs for 2017

Enjoy the distinct look of stained concrete floors with the added durability of porcelain with Instinct, a bold new series of cement-look porcelain that combines the contemporary look of concrete that has been worn by time with subtle hints of variation. Easily adaptable to any décor this series is suitable for residential or commercial applications and is the perfect choice for your next bar, office or restaurant project.


6) Exagoni Dimension Nude Matte Ceramic Tile

7 tile designs for 2017

Always at the forefront of cutting edge tile design, we present to you the Exagoni Collection: an innovative new 3D ceramic series offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Pushing the boundaries of architecture and interior design, 3D tile has risen in popularity within the past few years with the trend set to explode in 2017 paving the way for extraordinary designs and patterns that have never seen before. Bring your space to life with a visual depth & dimension that literally jumps right out of the wall at you.

7) Belcrest Blanco Tile

7 tile designs for 2017

Boasting an authentic Old World-inspired design, Belcrest is an elegant offering composed of glazed clay brick that captures the architectural beauty and raw aesthetic from a bygone era. The ideal choice for a wide assortment of design motifs, Belcrest is versatile enough to complement a number of visual dynamics, from modern to industrial, and is suitable for commercial and residential projects.

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