Sub Zero & Wolf Design Training

Sub Zero and Wolf hosts their facility touring event in Madison, Wisconsin once a year. The leading designers in the industry are invited to participate in experiencing their products first hand! We received a behind the scenes look at the enduring excellence, quality, and design of these kitchen products.

A cooking class demonstration is held to allow for a full experience, one that we enjoyed thoroughly. Afterward we got to meet the fabulous chef who made us a delicious vinaigrette salad paired with a spinach and artichoke pasta. The brands came to life as we got to enjoy the very products that are implemented into our clients homes.

We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this state of the art tour and design training. The quality assurance that goes into every Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance is just another testament to the caliber of work that goes into every Fratantoni Interior Designers home.

international luxury home designer and builder cooking class for Sub Zerofoyer to factory

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